Helping you appeal to the English speaking market.   

Does your text sound off to native English speakers?     

Worried you’re losing business because of it?  

I take roughly translated text and transform it into crisp, clear, sales-driven copy.  

I’ve polished up hundreds of translations…from witty lighthearted advertisements to serious technical one-pagers. It’s one of my favorite projects and  I pride myself in it. I can do websites, proposals, advertisements…anything. You name it, I can do it.  

Simply put…

I take paragraphs like this:

“Our designers are long time experts in yarns, weave structures, finishes and the industry. Well aware of the latest trends in the design world, they create timeless and thought through patterns.”

and turn them into this:

Our designers are seasoned experts who have a deep understanding of yarns, weave structures, finishes and the textile industry. Always tuned into the latest design trends around the world, our designers craft timeless, inspiring, and thoughtful patterns.” 

Contact me if you are interested in seeing samples specific to your project needs.  

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