If your content is stale, it’s not getting read.

And if it’s not getting read..what’s the point of that brochure? That website you paid for? That ad you just placed?

My expertise is in writing content for business to business companies that is both professional and engaging.

In other words… I help get your copy read.  I appeal to your targets.  And help you snag opportunities you might have missed.  


It’s important to remember in B2B writing that your targets search for information the same way as you.

When’s the last time you lingered on a webpage that bored you?  Or sifted through paragraphs of text to get to the relevant information?  


How B2B copywriting differs from B2C :

-More complex marketing dynamics to understand

-More influencers in buying process to cater content to

-Longer buying process: writing for the appropriate stage in sales cycle is critical